Bandcamp Recommendations

Today (August 4, 2017), Bandcamp is donating 100% of their share of every sale to the Transgender Law Center.


Stuff I am not affiliated with:

The Active Listener
Hand-picked bespoke psychedelia and hauntology. Curator Nathan Ford has been a huge supporter of the psychedelic music community. He’s undergoing chemotherapy, so please consider picking up some of these playlists to help support his treatment.

This live album is a great career retrospective of songwriter Jeff Martin. Many tracks feature the late John Berry on guitar.

Klaus Morlock/The Unseen
The entire discography of “Klaus Morlock” is essential for fans of creepy 1970s supernatural soundtrack music (think John Carpenter, Popol Vuh, Wicker Man soundtrack, etc.). Make sure to read the liner notes!

Heavenly Queen
Tongue-in-cheek tribute to 70s glam-pop from these Clevo heartthrobs, who also dress up like metal gods Queen of Hell.

Future Children
Droning soundscapes from Kevin Coral, Chris Sheehan, and their wall of gear:

Heavy shoegaze. Solid tunes. Hair for days!

Steve Moore/Zombi
When you want to listen to every cool synth-based soundtrack or Berlin school kosmische album at once, but prefer to buy American:

The Bevis Frond
England’s finest export.

Stuff I am affiliated with:

Stow House Records
You probably have these already:

New Planet Trampoline
Psychedelic jangle ‘n’ fuzz.

Charles Hill Jr.
Old-school country.

The It*Men
Rock and roll.

Pirate Planet
I co-wrote and engineered these two albums along with Caleb Seavey. He wrote most of the songs, I did most of the production/arrangement.


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