I Walked With a Zombie

I’m slowly reacquainting myself with the Internets after spending two weeks mostly offline. It was nice to go out and actually do stuff for a change. We threw ourselves a wedding reception in Ohio, took a honeymoon in Mexico, and returned home to the cats before any real damage was done to the apartment.

During this time I was laid off from my job, which I had been expecting. I have lots of ideas about how I’m going to spend my time now: Finishing up old projects that have been pushed aside, outlining new ones, and of course, figuring out how I’m going to make a living from now on.

I also caught a cold the minute I arrived back in L.A. So although this is my first week off work, it feels like I’m just out on sick leave.

Anyway, while I was off gallivanting around the continent, the zombie film I scored appeared online. Now you can watch the entire seven minute epic A Tale of Two Zombies in its entirety. Between you and me, this blows The Walking Dead out of the water. I’m just sayin’.

It should also go without saying that I am available for soundtrack work, so hit me up if you are a filmmaker with an interesting project in need of some atmosphere.


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