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Whole Lotta Nothing

Posted in Film, Music with tags , , , , , on February 25, 2012 by roarvis

It’s been awhile since I’ve graced the blogiverse with my succinct wisdom. What have I been doing besides watching old episodes of Hill Street Blues and Homicide: Life on the Streets, you ask?

Back in November I had the opportunity to interview one of my musical heroes, David J, for The Vinyl District. Check it out here.

I have two different film soundtrack projects scheduled for this year. One is a short horror film directed by Ryan Stockstad, and the other is a documentary by noted artist Alexandra Grant. I’ll presumably be scoring the horror film on my own. The documentary will be a collaboration between Caleb Seavey and myself.

Meanwhile, Caleb and I have almost finished our second album as Pirate Planet. It’s a collection of songs inspired by Krautrock, shoegaze, space rock, power pop, ghost stories, and family life. It will most likely be ready for prime time this summer.

through the past, darkly


Posted in Music, Television, Uncategorized with tags , , on April 4, 2011 by roarvis

Things have been busy since SXSW. I’ve been writing for The Neighborhood and working on the next Pirate Planet album. I’ve also been obsessively watching Doctor Who Classic and dealing with endless cat problems at home. I plan to eventually have some actual content for this blog. In the meantime, check out this album from my friend Caleb’s old band 3001, and marvel at this creepy trailer for The Horror of Fang Rock.

Pirate Planet

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , on November 10, 2010 by roarvis

A bit more self promotion, then I swear I will be back to marveling over the creative endeavors of complete strangers.

After a year and a half, my friend Caleb and I managed to finish our album. It wouldn’t have taken that long, except that our individual lives got in the way: several babies, one marriage, one promotion, one layoff, and one relocation, not in that order. Long story short, he is now in Nebraska and I’m still in L.A. We’re not exactly sure how we’re going to do the next album, but we have some ideas that sound solid on paper.

The music is pitched somewhere between the minimalist sounds of 80s new wave and post punk, and the layered guitars of early 90s shoegaze. I personally like the term “newgaze,” but we’ll see if that goes anywhere. Regardless of what I think, it’s time to turn this over to the public (I.E., our ten closest friends and family members) to decide.

We tried our hardest to make this album perfect, and although we didn’t succeed at all, we’re both happy with the results. Caleb brought a lot to the table in the songwriting and vocal department, which allowed me to focus more on the nuts and bolts of production and engineering (although truthfully I spent the most time trying to figure out how to program drum parts).

Eventually we finished it the best we could and sent it to Tim Gerak, who did a terrific job with the mastering. Cecy said, “wow, it sounds like real music now.”

Don’t expect a world tour anytime soon, but feel free to give it a spin and let us know what you think.

(photo by Cecy)