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80s Science Fiction Film Child Art Archives: Introduction

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I’m proud to announce a new feature on this blog: 1980s science fiction movie art, as drawn by myself, when I was a child!

Recently I traveled to the remote woodlands of Northeast Ohio, where I found an archive comprised of every drawing I ever did from the time I first picked up a crayon. Most of this art is horrendous even by the standards by which we judge the art of a child. However, I was discovering the magic of motion pictures during a time before the PG-13 rating existed. This meant I was exposed not only to mainstream features like the Star Wars trilogy and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but also to titles that have since taken on cult status. I’m talking about The Black Hole, Flash Gordon, Tron, Clash of the Titans, The Dark Crystal, Blade Runner, and even Krull!

After returning from the theater, I would spend the next few days indoors, drawing what I had seen to the best of my ability. As a result, I have stacks of paper with crude interpretations of these beloved sci-fi classics.

More drawerings


We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago

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British television has become an obsession of mine lately. This probably dates back to my childhood, when I would spend hours strangling the rabbit ears on my father’s TV set, desperately trying to tune in Doctor Who on PBS. Nowadays almost every obscure overseas program can be either rented, streamed or downloaded. You can say the floodgates have been opened. More Anglophile ranting

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I’ve been enjoying the films of Sergio Corbucci, Enzo Castellari and Jean Rollin that are available on Netflix streaming. Also watching a lot of British TV shows old and new: George Gently, The Omega Factor, Doc Martin, etc.

Sloan and Swervedriver were both great as usual. I think I’ve seen enough of the old favorites lately; time for some new bands to step up to the plate.

Speaking of which, I interviewed my friend Steve’s band The Library is on Fire and my friend Tim’s band The Archive. Friday night I’m going to see Magic Mirror, Exploding Flowers and DJ Tami at Casey’s Irish Pub. It’s gonna be a beer-soaked evening of psychedelic madness, if I have anything to say about it!

Not Now, Silent Singer!

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“Here is a list of incorrect things” – M.E. Smith

I’ve managed to see some really great shows lately. Urge Overkill was last week. Sloan and Swervedriver each play in June, so I couldn’t be happier.

I’m obsessed with Psychoville, the new show from Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton of League of Gentlemen. Why isn’t this available legally in the U.S.? Stupid Limeys. Just kidding!

Film-wise, I’ve been enjoying the work of Enzo G. Castellari. His films are laughably bad at times and quite brilliant at others. At his best, he is a master of combining striking visuals with dissonant music. He’s directed films in several classic genres including spaghetti western, giallo, Italian crime or “Poliziotteschi”, post-apocalyptic sci-fi, and even Jaws rip-offs. I love how he uses the same character actors in many of his films. His most famous work is probably Inglorious Bastards, due to the remake. I haven’t watched that one yet, because frankly I’m tired of World War II. I finally watched Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, so I’m done.

A chance trip to the liquor store yielded the latest issue of Horror Hound, which is all about the greatest year in horror films, 1981. Totally worth the newsstand price.

Well, today is The Rapture. I’m off to crack open a beer and watch the ascension! Catch you heathens later.

Farewell Sarah Jane

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I’ve been watching a lot of mid-70s Doctor Who episodes lately, so was particularly saddened to hear that actress Elisabeth Sladen passed away today. She co-starred with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker as the Doctor’s sidekick Sarah Jane Smith. The actress returned to the role in the spinoff series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Just a week ago I finished watching The Hand of Fear, which was Sarah Jane’s final episode on the original series. I felt that it would be an appropriate farewell to re-post this clip.

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Things have been busy since SXSW. I’ve been writing for The Neighborhood and working on the next Pirate Planet album. I’ve also been obsessively watching Doctor Who Classic and dealing with endless cat problems at home. I plan to eventually have some actual content for this blog. In the meantime, check out this album from my friend Caleb’s old band 3001, and marvel at this creepy trailer for The Horror of Fang Rock.

Party Down and IT Crowd Make World Safe for Humor

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I was so caught up in my righteous defense of Treme that I forgot to mention what is probably my favorite show on TV right now: Party Down. The premise, about a catering team that has to work various obnoxious functions in L.A., never ceases to amuse me. It also opens the door for guest appearances by various comedians and character actors (Steve Guttenberg, J.K. Simmons, and lots of funnier, lesser-known folks).

The catering staff themselves are all struggling actors or writers, of course. I guess I can relate to their plight, as someone who has lived in L.A. for awhile and worked some questionable jobs. But the show wouldn’t work if the writing and cast weren’t spot on. Martin Starr (Haverchuck from Freaks and Geeks) and Ken Marino (The State, Wet Hot American Summer) were the big draws for me, but the other actors do a good job of rounding things out. Adam Scott is sympathetic as the guy who gave up his dream to pay the bills, and Lizzy Caplan‘s character is a refreshing turn from the psycho bitch she played on True Blood.

The whole mess is written by some guys who previously worked on Veronica Mars: John Enbom, Rob Thomas, and Dan Etheridge, along with actor Paul Rudd. This show is so good that I’m actually considering watching Veronica Mars. I know, it’s crazy.

In other TV comedy news, The IT Crowd is back on the air in Britain. Or at least online – I think it premiers next week. I’m not sure how I’m going to watch it over here (“the service is not available in your area,” mocks the Channel Four website, in what I can only assume would be a haughty British accent if it could speak).

This show is amazing, especially considering that it’s filmed in the old school studio audience sitcom format. The plot concerns the adventures of the IT department of a large company run by an insane pervert (Matt Berry from Darkplace and Snuff Box). Show writer/creator Graham Linehan (Father Ted, Big Train) is a comic genius (and huge Guided By Voices fan), and I’m itching to see what he’s got lined up for this season. Hopefully I can use my own IT skills (slim to none) to hack into their mainframe and stream me some Britcom. Or, just wait for it to show up on IFC…