About the Author

This is a pop culture blog that has been active on-and-off for several years. I write about things that interest me at any given time. These may or may not include horror movies, speculative fiction, British television from the 1970s, vinyl LPs, and other pointless things.

In addition to writing about (un)popular culture, I also compose and record music. I will try to keep the self-promotion to a minimum. As we all know, musicians are pretty boring, so the less we know about them, the better. These days I spend more time as a DJ, which is even worse.

The other motivation for this blog is for purposes of disambiguation. There are a lot of Ryan Orvis’s floating around on the net, and in this age of cyber-stalking I thought it best to have a semi-professional home base of operations.  So if you’re looking for me, you found me – ignore all those impostors!

Alright, let’s do this.

6 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. Of all of the blogs I read, this is already the one that is closest to my interests…I hope that you can keep it up, sir!

  2. Thanks, I hope I can keep it up too. So far it’s a lot easier than the other projects I’ve attempted, so I’m hoping that works to my lazy-ass advantage.

  3. Ryan – thanks for commenting on my blog. It was nice to get a comment that wasn’t spam and also nice to know that someone new is reading and also likes Hypnolovewheel. I’ve only looked at one posting here on your blog so far and I love it. You slay me. When did you live in Pittsburgh?


    • roarvis Says:

      Yeah, the spam gets old. I was there around 97-98, during the heyday of the Rickety Empire. Always thought Pittsburgh had a great music scene.

  4. Actually yeah, echoing the first guy on here, I found this blog after searching for details of the upcoming Rhino reissue of Nowhere, and found that particular post of yours particularly resonating – and I replied 🙂

    *duly bookmarked*

    • Thanks Andy! I was searching on info about those records the other day, and saw that this blog comes up fairly early in the results. Which is great for the blog, but bad considering that I’m just as in the dark as anyone about the release dates!

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