Art Archives: The Black Hole, Pt. 3

Why do I get the feeling I’ve overstayed my welcome with these Black Hole drawings? Nonetheless, it’s time for…

The electrifying conclusion of The Story of The Black Hole!

Reinhardt begins to plunge the Cygnus into the black hole, taking the surviving Palomino crew with it.

Disenfranchised robot B.O.B. teams up with the good guys to help lead them to safety.

Battle ensues, while a meteor shower bombards the Cygnus.

Our heroes narrowly escape a giant meteor while sprinting across a catwalk (this looks more impressive on the big screen).

The Palomino crew makes it to an escape pod, minus Old Bob, who is mortally wounded fighting Maximilian.

The Cygnus enters the black hole. The escape pod is also sucked in.

Reinhardt and Maximilian do the anti-gravity dance.

The Palomino crew makes it safely through to the other side, after being subjected to some psychedelic 2001 action (not pictured).

Maximilian is stranded on a peak in…hell? Westwood? We may never know…

Upon zooming in, we see that Reinhardt has somehow become fused with Maximilian. He is imprisoned forever inside….Maximilian’s Shell! (I couldn’t make this up, people.)

Well, that does it for The Story of The Black Hole. Thank you for indulging me in this trip down memory lane.

I will be taking requests for the next set of illustrations. If it was a sci-fi or adventure film released between 1979 and 1983, I probably have some drawings of it…

All characters copyright 1979 Walt Disney Productions. Artwork copyright 1979, 2011 Ryan Orvis.

One Response to “Art Archives: The Black Hole, Pt. 3”

  1. Ryan, your posts inspired me to write up a review of the movie, and I plugged your blog at the end because it inspired me…

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