Art Archives: The Black Hole, Pt. 2

And now…the story of The Black Hole!


The Palomino hurtles through space, with our trusty crew of character actors on board. Also joining them is one very heroic and very effeminate robot named V.I.N.C.E.N.T. (Roddy McDowall).

The ship’s captain is Robert Forster, who would go on to greater fame and fortune as the star of Alligator and Vigilante. (I blame my sister for the inaccurate depiction of the Palomino’s design in this drawing.)

The Palomino encounters a lost vessel called The Cygnus, floating precariously close to a giant black hole in space! The smaller ship is forced to land on the Cygnus.

The captain of the Cygnus is Dr. Hans Reinhardt (Maximilian Schell), a (SPOILER!) mad scientist who has turned his crew into mindless sentries and worker drones.
Also on board is an older model robot similar to Vincent, named B.O.B. (Slim Pickens).
I don’t know why Robert Forster is shooting at them in this picture.

Reinhardt has a robot henchman named Maximilian. He is a total badass.

Reinhardt wants to pilot the Cygnus into the Black Hole because he cray-cray. The Palomino crew is like “screw this.”

Cowardly Ernest Borgnine tries to escape in the Palomino, and is shot down. I don’t have a picture for this, so here’s another exterior shot of the Palomino (R.I.P.).

Maximilian prevents Yvette Mimieux and Anthony Perkins from leaving the control room.

Things end badly for Tony Perkins.

I think this one is more of a montage than an actual scene. Here we see Vincent taking out some stormtroopers, I mean “sentries,” as the Palomino crew flee below. Notice how I have helpfully labelled the crew members.

NEXT: What will become of the surviving Palomino crew? Will Maximilian finally come out of his “shell”? Find out in the exciting conclusion of The Black Hole!

All characters copyright 1979 Walt Disney Productions. Artwork copyright 1979 and 2011 Ryan Orvis.

3 Responses to “Art Archives: The Black Hole, Pt. 2”

  1. Dude, this is AWESOME!!! How did you manage to still have these?
    I’m looking at some children’s drawing at the moment to illustrate the flyer of my events in London and it’s actually pretty hard to find good ones…
    Children’s drawing are so pure, they’re SO funny… and looking at what you’ve done, i will Definitely do an archive of my child’s one (when i’ll have one) because was it’s gone it’s gone, can’t reporduce this stuff ahahah…
    Would you mind if i was using one of your drawing if i find one that i like?
    Well done anyway 😉

    • Thanks, glad you liked them! I saved every drawing I ever made, and my parents aren’t really big on throwing things out, so there are boxes of this stuff.

      As far as using it for a flyer, I’d need to know more about the project.

  2. The black hole was and is a great film …..Great Work !!

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