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I am now doing a column on reissues for The Vinyl District. Check it out here.


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I have a couple new posts up. A detailed account of Record Store Day is posted at The Vinyl District.

I also interviewed Ian Parton from The Go! Team over at The Neighborhood.

Come sit on Uncle Merle's lap.

Farewell Sarah Jane

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I’ve been watching a lot of mid-70s Doctor Who episodes lately, so was particularly saddened to hear that actress Elisabeth Sladen passed away today. She co-starred with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker as the Doctor’s sidekick Sarah Jane Smith. The actress returned to the role in the spinoff series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Just a week ago I finished watching The Hand of Fear, which was Sarah Jane’s final episode on the original series. I felt that it would be an appropriate farewell to re-post this clip.

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Things have been busy since SXSW. I’ve been writing for The Neighborhood and working on the next Pirate Planet album. I’ve also been obsessively watching Doctor Who Classic and dealing with endless cat problems at home. I plan to eventually have some actual content for this blog. In the meantime, check out this album from my friend Caleb’s old band 3001, and marvel at this creepy trailer for The Horror of Fang Rock.