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Space Girl Blues

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This week I will be attending shows by Versus, Yo La Tengo and Sebadoh. It’s 1994 all over again! The goal is to report further on these shows, as long as I can handle that much sweater-core.

Here, via hyperlink, is my latest post for Bestcovery, the succinctly titled Best B Movies. I tried to cover all the bases as quickly as possible, but didn’t get into any non-U.S. films because that would have been like opening a can of stylish, sexy and artistic worms.

One quick note on Queen of Blood (1966): I watched this the other day on Netflix streaming, which is slowly becoming the go-to place to see rare “psychotronic” flicks. I feel bad about all the independent video rental stores this company has put out of business, but the fact is that the rental business has evolved, streaming is the future, yadda yadda yadda… Bite the Apple


For Seeking Heat

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Finally, I have these coveted wax artifacts!

Mezcal Head sounds amazing. It’s probably the same version as the remastered CD, but on vinyl it has more warmth and grit, like an old 70s car chase movie lovingly restored in high definition. Somehow it’s louder, heavier, fuzzier, sexier and yes, kids – more relevant than ever.

The 180 gram vinyl seems to add a lot to the sound quality, although that may be down to the remastering or overall newness. I picked up a used copy of the Duel 12″ a few months back, and don’t need to play them side by side to tell that this record sounds 100% better.

I have not listened to Raise yet, fearing that to do so would cause what’s left of my brain to melt right onto the floor.

Both albums are available in limited editions of 500 from Hi Speed Soul, so now would be a good time to pull the trigger…