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On The Corner

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For many years, my father has entertained folks with his story about wandering into a tiny bar in Cleveland, Ohio in 1962 and watching Miles Davis play a set. Some people have questioned the legitimacy of this story, as Miles was already a jazz star at that time.

Well, it appears that my old man has been vindicated. Cleveland jazz radio host Joe Mosbrook recently told the story on the air, after receiving an email from my dad.

This five minute clip provides a great slice of history that will appeal to anyone interested in jazz music, Cleveland, or what my father was up to in 1962. Enjoy!

Jan 24 105 & Euclid – Miles Davis by roarvis


While We Were In Your Room Talking to Your Wall

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Since I’ve been obsessively collecting records for a while now, I’m starting to wonder if I will hit a wall at some point. Will I take a look at the shelves one day, sigh contentedly, and declare in triumph that my work here is finished?

In the past few weeks I have come pretty close to nailing the lid on this thing, having scored a few great reissues and stumbled upon some of my “holy grail” discs.

Allow me to gloat, if you will…