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Something’s In The House

Posted in Film with tags , , on September 29, 2010 by roarvis

I like to start celebrating Halloween a month early. We have a Christmas season, so why not a Halloween season? To help celebrate, I made this playlist of vintage Haunted House movie trailers on YouTube.

I sequenced it chronologically (for the most part), so you can view the evolution of haunted house films over roughly 40 years, starting with The Uninvited in 1944 and ending with House in 1986.

It’s interesting to see how the marketing techniques changed over time. One thing that stayed the same: The inherent spookiness of the haunted house. Enjoy!

Warning: Trailers may not all be work safe.

40 Years of Haunted House Trailers

This Show Must Have Sucked To Be At

Posted in Music with tags on September 28, 2010 by roarvis

Man, early 90s indie rock was awesome. I realize this is an opinion not everyone shares. Their loss. Kids today have no idea. When I was your age…

I would have loved to be at this show just for Versus, Hypnolovewheel, Belly (their first show?), Magnetic Fields, Swirlies, Velocity Girl

Photo copyright all rights reserved by napkinshoe.

An Earful O’ Wax

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , , , , , on September 27, 2010 by roarvis

I’ve collected vinyl LPs on and off since I was about 12 years old. Recently I’ve stepped up my game a bit, and have been investing money in filling some gaps in my collection, and also trying to make my sound system sound good enough to justify the hassle.

Vinyl can very quickly become an expensive hobby, but luckily I am a cheap bastard, so the wife doesn’t have to worry about coming home to find a $2,000 tube amplifier sitting above our TV (at least not yet). Instead, I’m rocking some seriously un-sought after Radio Shack gear that nonetheless sounds great.

By biggest beef with vinyl collectors is not how much they spend on gear, but how much they are willing to pay for original copies of rare albums. I like rare LPs as much as the next nerd, but I’m not about to drop more than $30 on something that is essentially a thin piece of plastic sheathed in cardboard. Hunting on eBay can turn up some great finds, but I also find myself wading through tons of overpriced discs that (hopefully) no one in their right mind would consider paying for.

This is why I love the recent trend of vinyl reissues. The “180 gram” thing may be a marketing ploy, but I’m OK with that if it means I can get a brand new, mint copy of one of my favorite records for around $20. I’ve heard some people grumble about it, but these are probably also the guys trying to get you to buy some OOP record for the price of two week’s groceries. I want to actually listen to my records, which means finding the best quality pressing for the lowest price.

One genre I enjoy collecting is 80s/90s alternative rock, which includes post punk, indie, shoegaze and Britpop. These records tend to be harder to find than 70s classic rock, which I also love, but can be found fairly easily. Vinyl started to die out as a commercial medium before a lot of my favorite alt rock albums were even released, which means that a lot of them either didn’t appear on vinyl, or were never released in the States on that format. Therefore, when they do show up on eBay, these are usually the records that fetch the aforementioned ridiculous prices.

I’m glad to report that in the next few months, some of my long sought after favorites will be getting the reissue treatment.

Teenage Fanclub‘s fuzzy power pop classic Bandwagonesque was originally announced for a September 14 release by Original Recordings group, a division of Warner Brothers. Amazon still lists it, but I see it as “TBA” everywhere else, so I ‘m not sure if it came out or not.

Hopefully it will, because it’s scheduled to be followed by their next two albums Thirteen and Grand Prix. To sweeten the deal, Amazon is also showing a listing for their debut A Catholic Education. Original copies of these albums all fetch $50 to $100 online, so if we get the whole batch reissued in affordable, pristine editions I will be one happy camper.

I also just saw a listing for a forthcoming reissue of Ride‘s first full length album, Nowhere, via Rhino. This is another one I’d given up on buying an original copy of, due to collector price gouging.

Sonic Youth’s catalog has been the subject of a thorough reissue series for some time now, but we can now expect new vinyl editions of Bad Moon Rising and Sister some time in the next few months hopefully.

This should be enough to keep me busy for a while, although it would be great to see some other bands from this era like Swervedriver and Lush get a similar treatment. I hope the greedy eBay sellers know their time is drawing to a close…at least until these reissues are long out of print.

Out There In The Dark

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Holy crap, it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy…yeah, that’s it.

Some music things on the horizon, but I’ll wait until I can actually post some of that before I start talking it up.

I’ve been geeking out on old horror paperback covers lately. Here’s a great blog devoted to such things called Too Much Horror Fiction. As if there could ever be too much! The Trash Collector also has some great covers, and there’s even more lurid madness over at The Groovy Age of Horror.

We’ve also been gearing up for some serious Halloween horror fun. Which will generally consist of sitting around watching horror movies. We’re working our way through a great collection of Mexican B-movies called Crypt of Terror – Horror from South of the Border, Vol. 1.

It’s on Netflix, but at $10 a pop I think we will be adding this to the collection soon. The films lack the artistic style of their Italian and Spanish contemporaries, having more in common with budget offerings from the U.S. at the time (mostly the 1980s). Not to worry: they make up for it with copious amounts of blood, fun special effects, incongruous American fashions, and out of control female eyebrows. Our favorites so far are Cemeterio Del Terror and The Grave Robbers.

Finally, one of my favorite bands has a new record out, and it’s great. If you enjoy rock music, treat yourself to some Outrageous Cherry. It’s like John Lennon jamming with Moe Tucker in a psychedelic space warp!