Hallogallo 2010

I was pretty excited when I heard that Michael Rother and Steve Shelley were touring together. Rother was the guitarist/keyboardist from German pioneers NEU!, and was an early member of Kraftwerk. Shelley is of course the amazing drummer behind Sonic Youth. While I discovered NEU! fairly late in the game (around the time of their Astralwerks reissues in 2000), their music was instantly familiar to me, as they were a profound influence on many bands I had listened to for years (Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Th’ Faith Healers, Unrest).

Today I found this link to a complete performance of the new Hallogallo 2010 band, featuring Rother, Shelley, and Aaron Mullan of Tall Firs (on bass). The recording sounds great, and the performance exceeded my expectations. This is fantastic music, combining minimalism, drone, and driving beats in a way that has been copied many times but still sounds unique. Crank it up and enjoy!

Hallogallo 2010 Live on No Cover


4 Responses to “Hallogallo 2010”

  1. Shawn Francis Says:

    Might wanna delete DVD NEWS WATCH from your sidebar there, it no longer exists. I’m getting out of the blogging business for a little while. Even deleted my fiction blog, too. Wasn’t doing a damn thing but collecting dust. Will probably put up a blog again some time in the future. This one, however, will stay strictly in my fiction realm. No more DVD blogs.

  2. I only just discovered Neu about 3 years ago, thanks to an old co-worker. They are good! Thanks for this info!!!

    • Yeah there’s lots of good German music from that time period. I want to track down the albums the NEU guys did with Kraftwerk.

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