I’m Alive

Howdy, strangers! It’s been awhile since my last post, but I’ve been relatively busy. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on an album that’s been in the works for some time now. Hopefully soon it will see the light of day – or at least the pallid glow of the Internets.

My leisure time has been spent watching a lot of the New World/Roger Corman Blu-Rays released by Shout! Factory, which are amazing. I’ve also been listening to a ton of Neil Young, especially the “Ditch Trilogy.” I may or may not write more about these things in the near future.

Oh yeah, and I got married. Woo hoo! Cecy and I will return with Episode 8 of our ground-breaking podcast once we are done staring lovingly into each others’ eyes.

I promise to delve back into deep blogging soon (eew, that sounds gross). In the meanwhilst, check out this interview with Amanda By Night of Made For TV Mayhem. She won the prestigious “Versatile Blogger Award,” and in turn listed a few blogs that she loves. I’m honored to report that Blanked As Ordered made the cut!

It’s always nice when someone acknowledges and appreciates your writing, especially when you do it as a hobby/obsession/unpaid internship. I should probably follow this up with links to some of MY favorite blogs, but I’m too damn lazy. So check the links on the right hand column of the home page, and follow my Twitter feed – I try to repost whenever I find a really fantastic blog entry, although you may have to wade through lots of bad jokes and passive aggressive political activism.

I’ll be back with more enthusiastic ruminations on pop culture before you know it (or want it, or want to know that you want it).


4 Responses to “I’m Alive”

  1. Shawn Francis Says:

    How are you enjoying those Corman flicks? I caught your post on that get-togather you had viewing GALAXY OF TERROR and FORBIDDEN WORLD. As I expected all your guests liked the latter more than the former. As did most everyone at AV Maniacs.

    As soon as I get done with THIS post, I’m off to watch PIRANHA. And, then when I’m done with that one, I’m gonna go through ’em all over again. This Fall, I’m looking forward to getting THE EVIL. I understand it’s a pretty nifty haunted house flick.

    Have you seen HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP yet? That’s also been a favorite of mine for a long time now.

    And just to cap the week off, I’ll be headin’ out to see this PIRANHA 3-D next Friday. Caught some of the gore footage on the web. Jesus, that’s soem nasty stuff. I understand the eventual DVD will be sport even MORE of the gore they couldn’t get into the theatrical version. Christ almighty!

    • The Corman films have been great. Humanoids is also one of my favorites, and the blu-ray is amazing. I will probably pick up Piranha and Starcrash eventually.

      The Evil is pretty bad, but it’s worth watching. There is a bizarre scene where the ghost decides one of the female house guests is wearing too much clothing. That was my favorite part, but I’m a perv.

      I’m going to see Piranha 3-D even thought the CGI looks terrible. It looks fun overall.

  2. Shawn Francis Says:

    Oh, yeah, PIRANHA 3-D! Gonna be seeing that Friday afternoon. Some of the CGI fish look excellent, and then in other scenes they kinda look like something that should be on the SyFy channel. Hoping it’s just rough footage, and they’ll look better at show time.

    That leaked gore footage gave me the willies, though.

    I’ve read some reviews that said THE EVIL was a pretty good haunted house flick. I only have one memory of it, and it’s that scene where Old Scratch shows up at the end. You makes you go, “WHAT?!” If I’m remembering it correctly.

  3. Shawn Francis Says:

    I hate the fact that I can’t correct my just submitted post. Anyhow, the second to the last sentence, replace that first ‘You’ with ‘It.’

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