Science Fiction/Double Feature

I can’t wait!


6 Responses to “Science Fiction/Double Feature”

  1. Shawn Francis Says:

    I put that Shout Trailer on my website, too.
    I hope they do one for their Gamera flicks.

  2. roarvis Says:

    Yeah, when I watched that trailer I cried simple tears of joy. I’m upgrading to Blu just so I can watch Forbidden World in HD.

  3. Shawn Francis Says:

    Someday, when my bank account says so, I suspect, I’ll go blu, too. Let me know what Galaxy and Forbidden look like in HD. I’ll be pre-ordering these two, along with Gamera vs. Barugon, tomorrow. Yee-Ha!

  4. Shawn Francis Says:

    Holy Christ, Ryan, have you seen the special features on the Galaxy Of Terror and Forbidden World discs?! Mouth watering, is what comes to mind!

    • roarvis Says:

      Yeah, I’m really surprised that these are coming out at all, let alone with such attention to detail. The extras are gravy. It’s a good time to be a cult movie fan!

  5. Shawn Francis Says:

    I would have been satisfied with just a remastering and an anamorphic print of these flicks; the rest is just icing on this already delicious cake. I’m still waiting for confirmation from Cliff as to whether any booklets will be included. I wish they had put a few more extras on Forbidden World, but I an’t gonna compain too much about that. I pre-ordered these two yesterday from DVD Pacific, now, with that done, I’m looking forward to Piranha and Humanoids From The Deep in August, and I keep hearing that Piranha is going to be loaded to the teeth (pun intended) with mouth watering extras.

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