New Music Machine

I’ve finally mixed down a couple of my recent musical compositions. They were experimental drone pieces I did to familiarize myself with home recording via computer. Before I started working on these I had no idea about MIDI, programming synths, using plugins on guitar, etc. I’m still fairly clueless, but have reached the point where I’m able to use the tools to make music that I enjoy listening to.

The first song was obviously inspired by Spacemen 3 and Loop. I had been planning on doing a Cocteau Twins type song, but this is what came out.

The other song, “The Lighthouse,” was one of a series of atmospheric pieces I recorded when I first got my synthesizer and was figuring out how to use it. I was trying to do a John Carpenter style horror movie soundtrack number. I think it would be perfectly acceptable for a B or C grade Italian zombie film. It also has kind of a late 70s/early 80s Tangerine Dream vibe.


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