Advance Cassette

Back in the 90s, while many of my musician peers were revolutionizing the indie rock world by pressing their own 7″ vinyl records, I was busy dubbing cassette tapes with a few close friends. The result of this labor is that we now have boxes of tapes in storage that no one listens to. I decided to address this problem by remixing some of the old 4 track recordings and putting them online so that anyone who wants to can listen to them via streaming audio.

The first few songs can now be heard via The Black Egypt Archives on I’ve already had some people tell me that they cannot listen to streaming audio. The irony is not lost on me.

In addition to the page, label co-founder Chris Young (aka Lawnbuddha) is also planning a Nuggets-style compilation of music from Northeast Ohio during this time period (or perhaps our little scene in particular), so stay tuned for that.

About the music: The Plague Dogs was the first “real” band I played in, although I was involved in a few recording projects before that (notably The Elroys). We were early pioneers of the genre known as “mopecore.”

Captain Jesus was my solo project, an outlet for those song ideas that were too ridiculous for the band. It became a venue for me to express my various “interests,” which included screaming, reciting terrible poetry, and sampling dialogue from Jess Franco movies.

Maimed Drake was a band comprised of some of our friends, who I believe were all skaters before they decided to pick up instruments, go forth, and rock. Their music probably fit in best with the popular style of the time, known as “grunge.”

In the coming weeks I hope to upload more songs from these projects, as well as other associated interests such as Resin, Lawnbuddha, Necron 99, Icarus, Twelve, and Severed Lips. The Internet shall know of our majestic legacy!


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