The Living End

The Power Of Negative Thinking: B-Sides & Rarities

Where the hell was this when I was 15?

Apparently there is now a 4 CD box set of The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s B-sides and demos. This replaces the beloved Barbed Wire Kisses collection from 1988, adding a ton of early stuff that was previously available only on vinyl (“Vegetable Man,” “Suck”) or not at all (“Walk And Crawl”). It eclipses the 80s collection by providing a career retrospective, which means it has stuff from the band’s post-Psychocandy era as well.

Personally, I’m mainly concerned with the early stuff, as these guys were at their best when they had Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) on drums and the songs were buried under an ocean of fuzz. And there’s more than enough of it here to satisfy the most hardened Mary Chain addict.

I’m giving this thing a precursory listen now on Rhapsody, but I think my friends at Rhino should send me the full package for an adequate review. Come on people, I’m doing a blog here! Send me some free stuff!

NOTE: Don’t throw out those copies of Barbed Wire Kisses just yet, kids. I think this set is missing the bizarre live cover of Can‘s “Mushroomhead.”


2 Responses to “The Living End”

  1. without even hearing it i couldn’t agree more. i guess that means i’m jaded. without bobby gillespie it’s NOT jesus and marychain. end of story. they are all really nice guys but come on! sometimes a band peaks and makes history. they did that. cheers to them. it doesn’t mean i’m going to dig everything they put out after that. i can’t tell you all the money i’ve spent trying to find good records of theirs after bobby left. if rhino doesn’t hook you up ryan. do not waste your time or money. i already did. save yourself!
    all the best, tami of tommy and tami

  2. Ha! I felt the same way for awhile, then I got into their other stuff, then I got sick of them, now it’s mainly the early stuff that appeals. My tastes cycle around, but there’s no denying that these guys nailed it with Psychocandy. They have some other good songs though. I think some of their best tunes were on Barbed Wire Kisses – tracks recorded between Darklands and Automatic probably.

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