This was supposed to be the first post, but it ended up as a separate page. I was listening to Def Leppard‘s song “Hysteria” on YouTube the other day, when I became fascinated by the comments people had left. Turns out that folks are pretty serious about their Leppard. The following have not been edited or changed, and are the sole property of the original posters.

LEPSTER101 (4 days ago) Show Hide
The best song “Leppard” ever done. I have been a fan for over 20 years, and they still remain my favorite. Joe’s vocals are GOLDEN. One of the best male singers in the business (along with Steve Perry)!! To all the “old” fans who have supported them through the years, thank you!! To all the “new” fans, these guys are the “real deal”, and they know how to ROCK!! Just wish they would go BACK to there roots. After all, it’s us “old school” fans who put them where they are!! ROCK ON!!

poisonivyyyy (2 weeks ago) Show Hide
I am 20 years old and i am supposed to listen to the new generation music… but from the first their song herd i became addicted to them and the music. They are my favorite band.I can’t live without their music.Def Leppard will live forever even after the end of the world

picturesofpictures (3 weeks ago) Show Hide
He wrote this song for my girlfriend. She left him for me.

78452312 (3 weeks ago) Show Hide
I’m 32 now & this reminds me of watching MTV seeing this video and Whitesnake Is this Love.
The Best Music Era.

savvygirl4ever (4 weeks ago) Show Hide
Gosh,I love this song!!!

Rocker726B (1 month ago) Show Hide
New DEF does not touch this. I wish they did. They don’t have Mutt Lange.


3 Responses to “Hysteria”

  1. “gosh?” wow that’s some gushing. Golly gee wiz. No way for leppard it should be “fuck yeah man!” Gosh is more like Jars of Clay material….

  2. What were they thinking… moving forward without Mutt?

  3. I also highly recommend the VH1 dramatization of the Def Leppard story, where Mutt Lange is played by none other than…Anthony Michael Hall.

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